Man blows people’s minds by sharing ‘correct’ way to close an elevator door

The man said that pressing the button won’t make the doors close, but holding it shut will stop the doors from opening – but he issues a warning, using the trick is considered rude

A man claims we’ve all been using the ‘door close’ button in elevators wrong and has shared a video explaining its proper purpose.

TikTok star @nnywadd uploaded a video explaining how the system works after someone claimed that the buttons were fake, and he insisted they weren’t.

In the clip, which has had over 500,000 views, the man said that simply pressing the button doesn’t close the doors – but if you hold it down then they can’t open.

He said this is considered a ‘jerk move’, but if you get on an elevator and want to be alone then all you have to do is keep the button held down and no one will be able to get on.

In the video, the man said: “Oh they work, you’re just using them incorrectly. So what happens is you get in the elevator and the door shuts, you hold the button and keep it held down.

“Basically the door can’t open until that button is released. So if you want to be on the elevator alone just hold that button down and no one gets to get on with you until you let go of the button.

“Jerk move, but once you have that power never let it go.”

The TikTok video divided fans and many people commented on the clip, with some saying they believed him but others thought the button was just for show.

One said: “This is true, they do work. I did all the time when I worked in big offices.”

And another added: “100 per cent works, do it every time.”

While a third user said: “Firefighters and police use this method in high-rise buildings. Hold the door bottom with the floor you want and it skips floors.”

But other users were quick to question the man’s theory.

One user said: “Secret – it’s different in different elevators. Some work, some don’t.”

Another wrote: “As an elevator man, I can say that 90 per cent of the time it does nothing. Only works on independent service and fire service.”

And someone else agreed, adding: “I used to work on elevators and the door close button is just for show unless it’s an industrial elevator.”