Experts are warning against dangerous ‘scalp popping’ trend emerging on TikTok

TikTok users are being warned against taking part in a bizarre new trend called scalp popping – with experts saying it could lead to an array of different medical issues

It’s fair to say that everyday is a school day when it comes to TikTok; whether it’s learning a new hair-do, a new fact or even a life-changing hack.

But, every now and then a bizarre – and rather worrying – trend emerges on the app, and in these instances, it’s a lesson in what not to do.

The latest trend, which is being referred to as ‘scalp popping,’ involves pulling on a chunk of hair so hard that it creates a popping sound on the skull, and let us tell you, you should absolutely not try this at home.

The actual popping sound derives from the soft tissue (galea aponeurotica) between the scalp and the skull popping off the skull, which can cause bleeding under the scalp and ultimately lead to infections.

“Firstly you can easily tear the inside of the scalp which can lead to bleeding and possible infections, it can become sore and extremely uncomfortable,” Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director of Cosmedics skin clinics told Tyla.

“It can also cause damage to the hair follicle on a long term basis which could lead to hair loss and let’s not forget damage to the neck and head from the force of the hair being pulled.”

A number of medical professionals on TikTok have also come forward and warned youngsters against the trend, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds, if not thousands, of people from uploading their own scalp popping clips as part of the trend.