Pub landlady has bizarre huge portrait made out of Yorkshire puddings

The strange artwork was commissioned to celebrate the launch of unusual Tabasco sauce flavoured Yorkshire puddings

A landlady loves Yorkshire puddings so much she now has an enormous portrait of herself made out of them hanging proudly in her pub.

The unusual artwork was commissioned to promote the pub chain’s new Tabasco Sauce flavoured Yorkies.

The huge foody piece depicts Yorkie fan Jamie Wilson, general manager of Heathfield Farm in Bradford.

Farmhouse Inns is one of Greene King’s brands and its pubs across the UK are offering the twist on the classic Yorkshire puddings, from Monday, October 18 until Sunday, October 31.

Regular Yorkshire puddings will also be available during this period, but anyone wanting to add a little extra heat to their carvery can test their bravery just in time for Halloween.

Jamie Wilson celebrated the launch with the commission of a portrait of herself made up entirely of the new Yorkshire puddings.

She said: “Yorkshire puddings are an integral part of any carvery and our new Tabasco Sauce flavoured ones add a great twist that perfectly complements our best in class carveries.

“I love them so much I just had to have a symbol of my Yorkshire pudding passion hanging proudly in Heathfield Farm.

“Hopefully it encourages my regulars to give them a go!”

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The pudding portrait was made by Cardiff-based artist Nathan Wyburn, who uses a range of non-traditional items such as household items and foodstuffs to create stunning works of art.

In the last few years, he’s been commissioned by Madonna, Prince Charles, Catherine Zeta-Jones and The Jacksons to create bespoke artwork.

His artworks include Joanna Lumley in lipstick, Lorraine Kelly in coffee, BTS in butter, Christina Aguilera in marmalade, Kate Moss in moss, Albert Einstein in Smarties and Piers Morgan in Marmite on toast.