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New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly

The New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly (NAHARA*) is a local workgroup of Conservative-Masorti Rabbis, joining together to promote the study and practice of Judaism in the Greater New Haven, Connecticut, area. NAHARA rabbis meet frequently for Torah Study and professional development, and collaborate on Kashrut (kosher) policies and supervision, Gerut (conversion to Judaism), and other issues of shared concern.

Jewish Foundation LogoNAHARA promotes kashrut (observance of Jewish dietary laws) through the Kashrut Initiative of the New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly (KINAHARA). Major funding for KINAHARA was provided by the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven in 2001-2003.

NAHARA rabbis are members of the Rabbinical Assembly, the global organization of 1,600 Masorti-Conservative rabbis. New Haven is in the Connecticut Valley region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

*The Aramaic word נהרא nahara connotes "radiance" and is based on the English acronym for New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly. It is meant to suggest the intent of the organization to serve as a projector of the spiritual and intellectual light of Torah (Jewish teaching).

New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Murray Levine, Chairperson
Rabbi Eric Silver, Treasurer
Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen, Corresponding Secretary

Contact NAHARA through Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen at (203) 389-2108 x10.